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This Cookie Policy outlines what cookies we use and how we use them. 

When you visit and use our website, with your permission, we may store some limited information on your computer in the form of a ‘cookie’. These small text files are stored on your device when a website is loaded on to a browser. Their purpose is to ensure the website functions properly, is secure, analyses performance via its visitors and identifies potential improvements which may improve the user experience. 

Cookies allows us to tailor our website to match the interests and needs of prospective customers.


Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for our website to function properly and do not collect any personally identifiable data. We do not ask your consent to use these cookies.

Functional Cookies

These cookies allow the website’s non-essential functionality to operate, which includes activities such as sharing content on social media and submitting enquiry forms.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies allow us to understand how our website is performing, how visitors engage, interact and use the website as well as the source of the visit. These cookies also allow us to identify any website errors.


Your selected preferences are stored and provide you with the best user experience for you when you visit our website. 

Room Roof requests your permission to use non-essential cookies, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time either by contacting us or withdrawing your consent on the cookie declaration on our website.  Your consent applies to the domain


For information on how we store and treat personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

For detailed information about Cookies please visit All About Cookies.

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